How to Extract Audio from YouTube Video You Download

YouTube is the second largest search engine with an estimated 30 million visitors per day. Better yet, there are over 300 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute. With so much content, it has become the perfect site to source your audiovisual content. This post is going to show you how to Extract Audio from YouTube Video.

How to Extract Audio from YouTube Video You Download

We offer the best software that enables you to extract audio from YouTube videos. Power Audio Extractor is an award-winning software with millions of users across the world. It is not only fast, but it is also efficient to a fault.



What Power Audio Extractor Can Do For You

The Power Audio Extractor is one of the top software used for the extraction of audio from videos irrespective of the source. Let us look at what solutions it packs for your audio extraction problems.


What Power Audio Extractor Can Do For You


Extract Audio from Video

Audio extraction is not an easy task especially for the inexperienced. Power Audio Extractor allows you to extract the audio from your YouTube videos. The software ensures the proper extraction and maintains the integrity of the audio file.

Audio Conversion

The audio file you extract from the YouTube video might be in a different format as the one your player and devices support. This should not be a cause for worry; Power Audio Extractor allows you to convert the audio file to the formats supported by your players on various devices.

Audio Editing

There is nothing worse than going through the entire extraction and conversion process only for the audio to fall short of your expectations. Power Audio Extractor allows you to edit the resulting audio to your listening preferences. You get a wide range of editing options as well as audio effects, and you can manipulate and customize your audio files to the best of your ability.



FAQ about How to Extract Audio from YouTube Video

Power Audio Extractor, can help you extract audio from any video. However, after downloading the software, many users are stuck, not knowing where to start. You can get answers to your questions via online forums. Here is one of the frequently asked questions about Power Audio Extractor.


Frequently Asked Question


Q: I have upgraded my version from the free version to the full version. However, I have a problem with my registration key, even after inputting it a couple of times. What could be the issue?

A: after you have completed and submitted the order, we send a registration key to your email. One mistake most people have is in the way they input the key to the software. Make sure that you input the key the way it is without omitting any character, especially the hyphens. To avoid this, copy the registration key and paste it into the software. This will ensure that you have a successful upgrade.


Power Audio Extractor Features

Powerful Audio Extractor

The software can extract audio from a wide range of video input devices, such as ripping a DVD or CD then extracting the audio, recordings of live performances, YouTube videos, smartphones, and digital cameras, among others. The extractor maintains the audio’s integrity by ensuring that it only takes the audio as it is.


Power Audio Extractor Features


Audio Conversion Options

Apart from extracting the audio, Power Audio Extractor you get a wide range of audio conversion options. Most videos are in the FLV format, and you could run into issues when you try playing it on your player. The software allows you to convert the YouTube video into any audio format supported by your audio player.

Audio Editor

Power Audio Extractor allows you to perform a series of adjustments to the video downloaded from YouTube. You have options such as trim, delay, rotate, crop and much more. The editor goes a step further and allows you to dub the video by combining the audio and embedding subtitles to the video files.


How to Extract Audio from YouTube Video

Step 1: Download and Install Power Audio Extractor

To extract audio from YouTube video, install Power Audio Extractor first.  The download process is easy and straightforward, and it only takes a few minutes until you have the software installed on your device. It creates a desktop icon that allows for easy access and quick launch whenever you need it.

Download and Install Power Audio Extractor

Step 2: Add Video

Click ‘Add’ to import and load your YouTube videos. You can add multiple videos by clicking on ‘Add Files.’ You can also load a folder containing all your YouTube videos by choosing ‘Add Folder,’ however, if the folder has subfolders in it, select ‘Add Folder Tree.’ After loading your videos, you can click on ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ to change the order in which they appear.


Add Video


Step 3: Choose the Output Format

Access the ‘Profiles’ and select the device you will play the audio from, and you can see the particulars of the profiles you select by clicking on ‘Option Summary’ panel you will see on the right-hand side of the interface. However, if you are certain of the format of your intended audio playing device, directly choose the output format from the ‘Container’ menu. You can edit the parameters of the chosen profile by clicking on the ‘New/Edit’ and adjust the settings to your preferences in the ‘Profile Editor’ pop up window.


 Choose the Output Format





Step 4: Start the Extraction and Conversion

After you are satisfied with the settings, click on ‘Encode’ to begin the video conversion into audio. After the extraction and conversion are complete, a window pops up prompting you to select the destination folder to save the audio file. That’s all you need to do about how to extract audio from YouTube video.

Start the Extraction and Conversion


Drawbacks if Using Other Software

  • Limited extraction sources
  • Lack of batch processing
  • Limited editing options
  • Complicated user interface

Pros of Using Power Audio Extractor

  • Batch processing
  • Unlimited extraction sources
  • Faster conversion speed
  • Hardware acceleration to ease the processes on your CPU
  • Easy and straightforward user interface

Tips on How to Extract Audio from YouTube Video




Audio Extraction from Videos

Power Audio Extractor has an easy to use interface. Coupled with the fact that you can get your videos from an unlimited number of sources including YouTube, you can create an audio novel from your video collection.

Applying Audio Effects

With the audio extracted from the YouTube video, you get a wide variety of editing options. This way you can customize the audio to suit your listening preferences.


Terms to Keep In Mind


Terms to Keep In Mind


  • Pulse Code Modulation – This is a common technique used by a majority of the audio extraction systems to encode the audio files as binary data.
  • Roll Off – It is the rate with which an equalizer or filter attenuates a signal after it has passed the turnover frequency.
  • Sibilance – A high frequency lisping or whistling sound that affects the vocal recordings. It is caused by excessive HF equalization or poor microphone technique.

Disclaimer: Copyright laws are stringent and violating them could land you in trouble with the owners of the content. We make it clear in the terms and conditions that you should not use Power Audio Extractor for commercial purposes.



We always make regular updates to Power Audio Extractor. Be sure to be on the lookout for new upgrades; this will improve your extraction experience. Choose to use Power Audio Extractor and extract the audio from the videos in your collection, and you will not regret it.

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