Best Free Video to Audio Converter

There is a multitude of video to audio converters in the market today; some you pay a premium while others are free. However, it does not mean that the freeware is any less good. There are those that offer similar, and sometimes you find that some are better than the premium converters. In this article we’ll introduce to you the Best Free Video to Audio Converter, Power Audio Extractor.


Best Free Video to Audio Converter


Most people are caught in a quagmire without a clue of what to do because they have spent thousands of dollars and time looking for a good audio converter. We have a world acclaimed converter dubbed Power Audio Extractor. It is 100% free, and you get a wide range of conversion options that alternative software charges. It is arguably the best free video to audio converter, and in this guide, we look at what it can do as well as how it works.


What Power Audio Extractor Can Do for You

Power Audio Extractor has come to the aid of millions of people in the world faced with video conversion into audio. This software is the market leader; let us look at the solutions it offers.


What Power Audio Extractor Can Do for You

Convert Video to Audio

The software supports a wide range of video formats. This allows you to convert any video to your collection. You can convert live performance videos; videos downloaded from YouTube, videos ripped from DVDs/CDs, just to name a few of the video input sources.

Rip a Video CD/DVD

Power Audio Extractor allows you the ability to rip a video CD/DVD. The Advanced CD Ripper allows you to extract the videos from the disc and save them on your computer. You can directly convert the video to audio after ripping the disc, or you can store the videos on your device and do the conversion at a time of your convenience.

Manipulate the Audio File

We are renowned for packing many videos and audio editing options into all their software. Power Audio Extractor has a wide variety of editing options, which include over 25 audio effects. This way you can manipulate and customize the resulting audio to the best of your ability and listening preferences.



FAQ about The Best Free Video to Audio Converter 


Before deciding on which software to download, you must do research and ask all the right questions. There are online forums that bring together the users of the different software. Here you can tips and answers to all your software queries. Here is one of the popular questions asked.


Frequently Asked Question


Q: I am looking for a video to audio converter. I researched on free and premium software, but I cannot come around to making the decision on which one to choose. What is the difference between the two types?

A: Obviously, most people think that premium software is better than the freeware, however, most of the times you end up paying for services you could have gotten better services with the freeware. You have not specified the software you are looking at, but Power Audio Extractor is one of the best in the market. It blurs the line between the freeware and the premium. This is because it has features that ought to belong to premium software. This just makes it better.


Benefits of Best Free Video to Audio Converter


Power Audio Extractor has world renown features that make it the best free video to audio converter. Here are the features pre-installed in the software.


eatures of Power Audio Extractor


Flexible Profiles to Customize Output Quality

Power Audio Extractor has a library of format presets that enables users to output the audio for a wide range of multimedia devices. For example, you have the power to specify the output folder and a button to open the destination folder. You also get post-process operations such as shutting down the computer and auto-playing the converted audio.

Batch Processing

When you have two or more videos you want to convert into audio, Power Audio Extractor allows you to load the videos and convert them all in one go. The batch processing is fast and reduces the time it would take you to convert the videos into audio one after the other.

Audio Editor

This has to be the next best feature after the extractor. Power Audio Extractor allows you to conduct a series of customizations to change the feel of your video as well as audio. You get options such as cropping, trimming, rotation, delay, just to name a few. You can also embed subtitles into your video and dub the video by combining different audio files.


How to Convert Video to Audio with Best Free Video to Audio Converter

Step 1: Download the Power Audio Extractor

Download and install the software on your computer. Part of the installation includes the creation of a desktop icon that allows you to launch the software and get on with the conversion quickly.

Download the Power Audio Extractor

Step 2: Load the Video

Click on ‘Add’ to load the videos on to the track. You can also add by clicking on ‘Add Folders’ if you have a collection of videos in a folder. If the folder has subfolders in it, click on ‘Add Folder Tree.’ You can also choose the order in which the tracks appear first by clicking on the ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ buttons.


Load the Video


Step 3: Choose Output Format

To edit the parameters of the profiles, click ‘New/Edit’ and on the ‘Profile Editor’ pop up window, change the settings according to your preferences. You have the option of choosing the audio and video codec and the encoder to use. Click on ‘Video and Audio Options’ and define the options as you deem fit. Click on ‘Browse’ to choose the output path. After this, click ‘Encode’ to begin the video to audio conversion.


 Choose Output Format


Step 4: Save the Audio

After the conversion, you can add your preferred audio effects then save the new audio. You can choose to save it in the default folder in C:\ or specify another location.


Save the Audio


Drawbacks of Using Alternative Software

  • Complicated user interface
  • Few extraction sources
  • Lack of batch processing makes the conversion process time intensive
  • Limited audio and video editing options

Pros of Using Power Audio Extractor

  • Batch processing
  • Hardware acceleration to ease the processes on your CPU
  • Unlimited extraction sources
  • Faster conversion speeds
  • Easy and straightforward user interface





Rip Videos from CD/DVD

Power Audio Extractor has an Advanced CD Ripper. After you have converted the video into audio, you can burn the audio to a writeable disc.

Batch Conversion

Power Audio Extractor allows you to convert many audio features in a single process. This will save you on time and the hardware accelerator; you will have enough processing power from the CPU to handle other tasks on your computer as the conversion runs in the background.


Useful Terms to Keep in Mind



  • Amplitude Modulation – This is a method of imposing information and data on a carrier signal by varying the amplitude of the signal.
  • Bandwidth – This is the complete range of frequencies over which an electronic system or circuit functions with minimal signal loss.
  • Chrominance – This is the portion of the video, which contains the color information (hue and saturation).

Disclaimer: Be sure to read the terms and conditions before installing the software. Violation of any copyright laws could land you in jail or payment of hefty fines.

Power Audio Extractor is the best free video to audio converter. By now, you know what it is and how it works. Do not hesitate to download the latest version and look for version upgrades from time to time.

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