How to Add Fade In/Out Effect?

Power Sound Editor Free is a handy little tool with small size for audio editing, recording, audio CD burning and ripping. It is a very powerful editor with varied effects to help you create artistic masterpiece.


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Step 1. Download and Install Power Sound Editor Free

Download and install Power Sound Editor Free from our website. There’s a desktop shortcut through which you can launch the program.

Download and install Power Sound Editor Free


Step 2. Add Audio File

Click “Open” to find the audio file supported to open in the explorer window activated. After that, the audio waveform will be displayed in the editor.

Add Audio File


Step 3. Add Fade In/Out Effect

Select a portion of the audio and click “Effect – Fade In”. The operation will be achieved within seconds. You can select another portion and click “Fade Out”.

Add Fade In/Out Effect


Step 4. Save Changes

Click “Save – Save File As” and an output window will pop up. You can specify the output folder, output format and output name. Click “Save” and the format settings window is activated. You can use the presets provided or specify the detailed parameters as needed. When all settings is done, click “OK” and wait for a few seconds. The edited file will be output to the output location.

Save Changes

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